What movie villain lives inside of you?

According to your personality, what movie villain would you be? Someone cold and calculating? Someone hot-headed and impulsive? Or maybe something not really human? Find out with this quiz.

What historical figure are you?

According to your personality, what historical figure are you similar to? An implacable conqueror of Antiquity? A father of science? Or maybe an artist that clarifies aspects of human nature?

What could be your superpower?

According to your personality, which superpower would suit you best? Could you create a force field? Be invisible? Or is the ability to fly what defines you? Find out what your natural skills could become.

Which type of intelligence predominates in you?

According to Prof. Howard Gardner, there are several types of intelligence, which provide specific abilities to solve different kinds of problems. Which of your skills are more noticeable? What kind of problems can you solve more naturally? Find out what facet of intelligence is stronger in you.

Who is your Olympian god?

Which of the Twelve Olympians best suits your personality? One of the most powerful and fearsome? A sober purveyor of abundance? Or perhaps the unpredictable lord of the sea? Discover the god to worship that will unleash your true power.

What movie hero lives inside of you?

Inside each one of us, there is a sleeping hero that wakes up in critical situations. What's your true potential? Do you have the elegance of a secret agent? Could you be a rowdy bounty hunter? A fearless adventurer? Find out with this quiz.

What would be your role on a deserted island?

After a shipwreck, you get stranded on a deserted island with a group of people... How would you behave? Would you be the confident leader that keeps the moral of the group high? Would you, out of desperation, end up eating some of your companions? Or perhaps would you love it and want to stay there forever?

Which historical era do you belong to?

According to your personality, would you fit into the Italy of the Renaissance? Could the Happy Twenties have been you ideal time? Or maybe you are a potential troglodyte? Find out which historical period would make you feel in your element with this personality test.